Apple TV Is Coming In 2014, And Everyone Is Going To Copy It

Apple Inc., as suggested by many sources, is going to launch its Apple TV. According to venture capitalist Marc Andreessen who stated, “Apple is definitely coming out a television” at the DealBook conference on December 12, 2012, the TV would either be launched in 2014, or a year less (2013) or more (2015).


Marc Andreessen is not only a venture capitalist; he’s one of the board members of HP and Facebook. So, he keeps himself well-informed about things happening in the world of technology and things apart from it.

According to his knowledge, he describes Apple Inc. as a “vault”, signifying that no one actually knows what’s happening in there. It could be something amazing, unique, awe-inspiring, powerful or mysterious happening in the development process but who knows? Despite this, he believes that the rumors of an Apple television are quite strong and are one of those poorly kept Valley secrets.

He doesn’t actually know what the Apple TV would look like, but he knows that once it shows itself on to the market, people will rush to copy it.

Andreessen is sure of the market and states, “There’s a pattern in our industry, Apple crystallizes the product and the minute Apple crystallizes it, everyone knows how to compete.” This is a positive sign that would lead to increased competition from other firms in the industry. As a matter of fact, China mobile has proven itself in the industry as a copier of original products. This would lead to increased consumer choice, and later less inflation.

“When the Apple TV is launched, Microsoft and Google will start adjusting their strategy to react to Apple”, says Marc Andreessen. This is a polite of copying what Apple has developed and then adding certain extra features to make it more enhanced.

I believe that is good for the economy as a whole as now less time would be taken to reach some sensational stuff that would be hindered if Google and Microsoft kept producing at their previous rates. But, there is a possibility of a loss in the market share as sales would be shared by other companies that would lead to a decline in profits. The massive Research & Development costs that Apple Inc. incurred to develop its Apple TV, has a possibility that it could not now be recovered through its sales revenue.

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