Apple Hits and Misses after the Passing Away of their Tecnology Icon – Steve Jobs

October 2012 marks the end of Apple’s first financial year without their technology icon: Steve Jobs. So, let’s find out how Apple has been through this time. There has been few hits and misses that are been observed during this time. Let’s find out what are they?

iPhone 5 sales broke records by precision

Despite, overwhelming question marks on newly launched iPhone 5, 5 million pieces were sold worldwide in it’s opening week of launch. Including the fact that first 2 million were sold within 24-hours of the launch. All of opening day’s sale was on pre-sale orders, which is twice as previous version’s opening sale. This is one of the greatest financial booster for Apple in their 2011-12 financial year.

A massive victory over Samsung

Last year, Apple sued Samsung over ripping their product’s designs and infringing their patents into their smartphones and tablets. Samsung sued Apple back and they both went to court for a trial in US where a jury fined Samsung US $1.5 Billion over the damages the damages and losses beard by Apple. Furthermore, Samsung also faced a number of product bans in this trial which are yet to be exposed. In 2014, these elites are set to go to court for yet another trial.

 Massive Profit and stock growth

In 2011-12 fiscal year Apple recorded a massive net profit of  US $33.46 billion. But this doesn’t includes Apple’s last quarter profit, so this year bought them a lot of financial stability. They sold approximately 37 million smartphones and tablets during the year. Their share’s par price also rose significantly, starting from $400 it touched $700 during the year but it is currently sitting around $667. The large firms have given a prediction that it might hit $800 during the upcoming financial year.

Selling out of WDWC within 2 hours

Apple held an annual developer’s conference, whose tickets were sold within 2 hours of tickets being launched for sale. Adding to the fact, that tickets were put to sale at 05 30 am pacific time, so many people still asleep during that time. This conference is held in response to popularity gained by Apple’s products and always has been a great hit. Now, Apple is planning to host an individual shows for each if it’s products.


 iOS maps 2.0

Apple’s developers tried to change Google as built-in map providers with iOS maps 2.0. But they kept this information hidden from it’s users, as they were testing then and they had a plan to release this news 4 months after the testing. This resulted in massive failures, a number of people reported inaccurate results of the maps to Apple and they were forced to use 3rd party apps to provide them right path. Google is yet to release out a statement against this. So, the user are waiting for an update from Apple to get them right sort of maps.

Labor exposed to dirt

China, the leading manufacturer of iPhone and home of Apple’s CEO is said to be involve in a number of mishaps with it’s employees. A number of sources seem to have claimed regarding improper working conditions in iPhone manufacturing factories and harsh working hours for the labor  Foxconn factory in China is said to be one of that where sources seems to be claiming all these stuff. How worst this case has become could be pointed out from a recent incident in which labor in foxconn factory were gone to strike although that was not due to above mentioned reasons, but certainly due to factory mishaps. These reports has caused a lot to the Apple brand image/loyalty.

Genuine ads

Apple’s commercial since 1987 has been really memorable and touchy. But their recent promotional ad was not one of them, it faced a lot of criticism. In the ad, a young boy helped the helpless through the technology, it was more of life problems that were solved through Apple’s technology. The ad according to the critics was a persuasive ad to the people and could make Apple’s competitor’s face losses. In response to that, Apple closed-off that ad within two weeks of it’s opening and went back to typical ads i.e. hiring celebrities to promote their products. Which was according to a number of people ‘boring ads’.



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