Avast Germany Website Hacked & Defaced, 20,000 User Accounts Leaked by Maxney


The official website of antivirus service provider Avast along with 4 of its sub-domains, designated for Germany have been hacked and defaced by Maxney of Turkish Ajan group. As a result of hack, around 20,000 accounts and payment information of Avast’s online users have been leaked online.

The hacker, who contacted me on Twitter, explained that reason for hacking was the ongoing genocide of Palestinian and East Turkistnian people.

Turkish Agent Hacker Group. Hacked by Maxney, Genocide in Palestinian and Genocide in East Turkistan and… Turkish Ajan International Hacker Group…

Among the targets, official website of Avast avadas.de , official forum of Avast forum.avadas.de, Avast’s service center service.avadas.de, Avast’s freeware software ypo3.avadas.de and Avast email server.

After analyzing that leaked data, I can say that it includes payment information, usernames, email ids, DOB, phone numbers, Paypal payment details and passwords in encrypted and plain texts. 

The data is now available on SpeedyShare and can be downloaded from here,

Maxney of Turkish Ajan Group is the same hacker who previously had hacked Casio ChinaNokia TaiwanAcer India and Domino’s pizza India, leaking user information of million of users from above mentioned companies.


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