Bible and Quran Apps Infected with Malware Capable of Spying

There are a hundred types of malware hidden inside the Bible and Quran apps, most of which are available all over the Android play store and some on iOS.

Deceiving and fooling people through faith and emotions has been an old practice by many unfaithful people. Similar activity has been adopted by some hackers.

When it comes to malware cybercriminals are not only winning but nailing it. Recently Proofpoint, a cyber security company has found that many of the applications available on the google play market are affected with many types of malware affecting many devices.

The security firm claims there are highly malicious apps on Android however they didn’t find much on iOS / Image Source: ProofPoint.

The company has not yet revealed the name of the apps or the accounts which are dirty perhaps because it is busy under the process of disclosure with the affected applications account bearer and their developers.

Proofpoint has scrutinized more than 5600 unique Bible apps (4154 for Android market and 1450 for iOS store). 140 applications out of 5600 on Google Play store were categorized as “High Risk” because of their suspected behavior and 208 apps had malicious programming code. However, it has been seen that Apple is seriously taking steps prohibiting such acts, but no serious operation has been seen by Google.

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Proofpoint’s Vice President of threat operations, Kevin Epstein said that these applications allow hackers to steal personal information, passwords and PIN numbers etc. from the smartphone, lets hacker communicate with the IP addresses linked previously with the phone.

Forbes Magazine talked to Spanish intelligence provider “Telefonica Company’s security firm ElevenPaths” that keeps an eye on the credibility of Android applications and revealed that they have observed two Bible-based applications on Google Play namely “Bible Questions and Bible FAQs” to be extremely malicious. ElevenPaths researcher, Adolfo Lorente said that his company has seen Android hackers use Bible graphics from real and pure Bible applications, they repackage them with malware and upload them again to the market.

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Cyber criminals seem to be either faithless or doubted faith bearer. A number of applications based on the Quran contain malware and are quite famous in app stores as well. ElevenPaths did also mention some of the Quran apps have malware and they are “Holy Quran Go Locker Tema, uQuran-Understand Quran and The Amazing Quran”. Adolfo Lorente also said, “We also identified aggressive adware applications about the Quran and Bible populating in the markets.”

These religious apps are no the only apps spreading malware. The cybercriminals are also using pornography apps to infect your device with not just malware but ransomware.

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