You are not alone Blizzard & EA servers are down in multiple regions

You are not alone, currently, Blizzard & EA servers are down and suffering service outage almost everywhere around the world. The EA outage is impacting gaming services including FIFA 18, Battlefield, Battlefront 2, HNL and Star Wars.

The impacted countries include United States, Brazil, Israel, UK and other countries across Europe. The reason for ongoing service disruption is an incident involving cutting of several fiber cables making it impossible for the gaming giants to keep up with their service.

According to the latest EU outage map shown on DownDetecter, the scale of this outage can be seen affecting users around the world.

At the same time, Electronic Arts have acknowledged the issue and sent out two tweets explaining the current situation and what the company is doing to fix it. Remember, fixing fiber cable cuts is not in their hands. 

“We’ve heard about several fiber cuts making it hard to connect to the internet. That also affects how you connect to our games and This is still being investigated and we’ll keep you posted when we know more,” tweeted EA Help Team at 19:25 European time.

Whereas the official Twitter account of FIFA also tweeted at 15:24 European time that they are investigating the issue, however, since then there has been no update from the company and as expected gamers are eager for an update.

Blizzard servers down

On the other hand, Blizzard has also been impacted by the fiber cut and currently, its servers are down as well. In a series of tweets, Blizzard has acknowledged the issue. According to one of the tweets from Blizzard’s customer support account, the company cannot come up with an estimated time when the servers will be up.

“We’ve been informed of fiber cuts on the net impacting connectivity with all of our games – also authentication, web features, etc. Still being looked into, no ETA at the moment. Thank you for your patience,” said Blizzard.

“We continue to monitor an issue that is affecting various regions of internet traffic. This has not been found to be an internal issue with our service, but may be affecting some of our players and their connections to the game.”

At the time of publishing this article, servers for both EA and Blizzard were down and there has been no update so far. Meanwhile, users are advised to relax since fixing fiber cuts can take hours or days in some cases.

Update 1:

Interestingly Blizzard is claiming that it has resolved the issue. In a tweet sent out moments ago the company’s customer support account said that “The issues which were affecting connectivity to our games are now resolved. Thanks to all for hanging in there.”

EA, on the other hand, has also sent a tweet updating that they are still looking into the issue.

“We are continuing to monitor the fiber outages that are impacting connectivity to our games and Connectivity is intermittent and not all services are restored. We will post updates as we receive them. Thanks for hanging in there with us,” tweeted the EA Help Team.

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