CloudNordic Faces Severe Data Loss After Ransomware Attack

CloudNordic Faces Severe Data Loss After Ransomware Attack

While facing a total loss of internal infrastructure and customer data, CloudNordic has declined to pay the ransom.

CloudNordic, a prominent Danish cloud provider, has suffered a severe ransomware attack that struck on August 18. This attack resulted in a complete shutdown of the company’s servers and infrastructure, leading to operational chaos.

  • Ransomware Hit CloudNordic: Danish cloud provider CloudNordic fell victim to a ransomware attack on August 18, causing a complete shutdown of its systems and affecting customer data.
  • Data Loss Warning: CloudNordic informed clients of likely data loss after the attack. Customer websites and email systems were compromised, intensifying the impact.
  • No Ransom Payment: CloudNordic refuses to pay ransom to hackers, even as data loss affects many customers.
  • System Transition Flaw: Vulnerabilities in system transfer let ransomware infiltrate CloudNordic’s servers, allowing attackers access to admin and backup systems.
  • Recovery Challenges: CloudNordic struggles to restore services and data. Customers are advised to seek alternatives to minimize downtime. Hope remains that data wasn’t stolen.

CloudNordic, a well-known Danish cloud provider, is grappling with a major setback after falling victim to a crippling ransomware attack. The company has informed its clientele that they should brace for a complete data loss, as their systems remain paralyzed in the aftermath of the attack.

The cyber assault struck CloudNordic in the early hours of August 18, causing a catastrophic shutdown of the company’s servers and wiping out not only their internal infrastructure but also compromising their customers’ websites and email systems. The incident has left CloudNordic in a state of chaos, struggling to recover from the damage inflicted by the ransomware attack.

In a translated statement, CloudNordic conveyed, “We cannot and do not want to meet the financial demands of the criminal hackers for ransom.” The company expressed its commitment to not capitulating to the attackers’ monetary demands. However, it’s a grim reality that the majority of customers have already lost their data due to the attack.

CloudNordic Faces Severe Data Loss After Ransomware Attack

The cyberattack has exposed the vulnerabilities in CloudNordic’s system transition. Suspecting that the ransomware infiltrated during the process of transferring servers from one data center to another, the company acknowledges that certain servers might have been compromised even before the migration. This oversight inadvertently connected servers from separate networks, providing the attackers with an entry point to CloudNordic’s administrative systems, backup systems, and more.

The attackers swiftly capitalized on this access, encrypting crucial systems and data for extortion purposes. As a result, CloudNordic has been grappling to restore services, albeit without the original data, in a bid to alleviate the disruption caused to their customers. The company has taken the initiative to restore name servers, web servers, and mail servers while acknowledging that the road to full recovery will be long and demanding.

Though CloudNordic is working tirelessly to recover from this breach, they are also encouraging their severely impacted customers to seek alternative service providers to minimize downtime. The company has expressed its gratitude to its loyal customers for their unwavering support over the years. In the midst of this chaos, CloudNordic maintains a glimmer of hope. They have no evidence to suggest that any data was stolen or exfiltrated by the attackers, offering a silver lining amidst the data loss and operational disruption.

CloudNordic has reported the cyberattack to the appropriate authorities, and investigations are currently underway to identify the perpetrators behind this devastating breach.

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