Color Blindness Curing Glasses Accidentally Invented by Scientist

It was during a Frisbee game with a friend in Santa Cruz (USA), when the Don McPherson discovered inadvertently that one of his creations was able to correct the colorblindness in people. 

Creators often stumble upon their greatest and most innovative inventions accidentally such as potato chips and stainless steel.

Same thing occurred recently at a Berkeley Lab. While trying to create a pair of protective surgery eyewear, scientists at the laboratory unintentionally identified the cure for color blindness and named it EnChroma CX sunglasses.

Color blindness regardless of the type, alters the victims’ ability to observe colors. For instance, Marc Drucker has a genetic flaw that forces his green and red eye cones too close to each other and therefore, these spectrums appear paler and faded to him. For Drucker, the most challenging are the traffic lights.


However, EnChroma CX sunglasses have substantially reduced the intensity of color blindness as he can clearly see bright orange color on a traffic cone and the green leaves of a tree.

According to the Vice president of EnChroma, Don McPherson, “The glasses work by selectively removing certain wavelengths between the red and green cones that allow them to be in essence pushed apart again.” McPherson realized the potential use of these glasses only after these were tested by a color blind friend who informed him about the restorative effect.

Testimonial video: 

EnChroma, naturally, plans to keep on manufacturing these sunglasses and will also produce normal glasses with similar properties. Therefore, if you or anyone in your knowledge suffers from color blindness, you know where to go and what to buy. Visit EnChroma’s website and buy a pair of these cool new sunglasses. Maybe if EnChroma gets plenty of these glasses out in the market we will finally put the illogical not-so-great Dress Debate to rest.

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