This is how criminals install credit card skimmer within seconds

Scammers installing credit card skimmer device caught on CCTV by Police

An incredibly quick act of installing debit/credit stealing device was caught by the CCTV cameras, which were installed at a petrol station in Miami-Dade, US. Miami Beach Police identified that scammers are equipped with such effective credit and debit card stealing tactics that it just takes a blink of an eye to conduct the malicious act.

The footage shows a person supposedly part of a duo, installing a device. One person is speaking to the attendant at the cash register. This seems like an attempt to divert the attention of the attendant to the other side of the cash counter. As this happens, the other man quickly installs the device.

This device can steal details of credit and debit cards easily and instantly; the footage displays that scammers installed it atop the EFTPOS machine.

According to the police, this is the act of two men and the activity took place at the Miami Beach, FL, shop. According to Miami Beach officer Ernesto Rodriguez, the scammers are communicating with the cashier and they undergo some kind of exchange. Rodriguez believes that “it appears as though one actually sends her to the other end of the register, I would imagine, to purchase something.”

Rodriguez further added that “this type of reader, what I’ve been speaking with our detectives, we actually believe it’s the type of reader that the criminal would have to come back for to actually get the information that would have been read.”

Miami Beach police urged debit and credit card users to check their bank statements regularly. In case they identify any fraudulent activity such as transactions or purchases that they have not made has to be reported to the police. Also, the police have asked the public to help the department identify the scammers seen in the footages. For this purpose, the actual CCTV footages have been released, which can view here as well.

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