Cyber Crime VS Cyber Security: Internet has become a difficult place to survive

With the world progressing each day, the reliance upon technology is one of the notable turnarounds. In which outlasts all other technological accessories or systems. Internet these days is not only a place to entertainment, but it has exploded to a huge industry where massive business is done on daily basis. With this industry progressing there are certain loop holes created. That is we all know are cyber crimes, which is the illegal access into other systems, with the thought of destroying or taking over the system. But how all these loop holes are created? Well according to a cyber security specialist, it’s all due to the lack of knowledge among the website owners many of them until now do not about the cyber security in comprehensive manner.

Furthermore, the cyber security specialist says that there are a number of people from eastern Europe wake up in the morning and go to the work for carrying out this type of vulnerable activities. So, now cyber crime have become a part of regular work routine for many people and a source of income too. This has made cyber crimes lot more professional and sophisticated, which has made a lot more harder for them to be combated.

According to another cyber security specialist, providing security to the online systems these has been really difficult these days because for hackers tend to find something vulnerable in the systems quite easily and they are also able to beat the programs to combat them because they know what they are made for. This has made Internet a difficult place to setup your business. But, cyber security labs has some how find a way to get to the pace of the hackers. They are now working with professional hackers to provide the system a full combat against cyber attacks. The implementation of this strategy was done when Knowbe4 a security firm worked with a professional hacker Kevin Mitnick ( who has hacked Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and other leading firms systems) to produce programs that can combat cyber attacks.    

UC Davis computer security lab is one of the leading cyber security labs for combating cyber attacks and working on new programs for shielding computer programs. They have been combating a number of high-profile systems one such US military system. Their strategy for combating the system is straightforward they look upon the vulnerabilities within the system and just remove them. According to them, security programs are less worthwhile for protection as they need regular updates. They also provide cyber security education and look forward to remove cyber crime fully and they have a team working day and night for the combat of online systems. So, by the looks of the above discussion cyber crimes have upper hand over the cyber security, but in future this trend might change.

The official website of Pakistan based sports channel Geo super sports ) has been hacked and partially defaced by Anon Cop. 

The hacker took advantage of a vulnerability to upload a script on member login page of the website, leaving the message against the Geo super sports administration and the government of Pakistan.

According to the message:

Jew Tv You Are Hacked By Anon Cop! ! ! ! 

You All Are Culprits!!!!!!

Which Dance On The Signals Of America!!!!!!

Screw You All Media!!!!!!!!!


Your Reallity Will Be Exposed 

Like I Did With Your Vulnerability!!!!!!!

I Am A Pakistani hacker And I Love Pakistan!!!!!!!! 

Pakistan Zindabaad!!!!!

Screw The Culprits Like You And Mr.President!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetz To:

Shadoow008,L33t,Death Angell,!mmi,Hax0rLife,MindCracker,

Imran M Ismael,Mujahid haxor,Waheed Gul 

And All Pakistani hackers!!!!!

The hacker seems angry at Geo TV, Geo Super is the first 24-hour Pakistani channel dedicated to the world of sports. It belongs to Independent Media Corporation, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers. 

Anon Cop is a Pakistani hacker who has been hacking Indian websites, this is the first time when he has attacked a Pakistani based sports TV website.

To view other hacked and mirrors from Anon Cop, visit:

At the time of writing this article, the message and the image uploaded by the hacker was still visible on the site.

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