Dark Web Domain of Genesis Market and Infrastructure Sold

The individuals behind Genesis Market claim to have found a buyer, and the store is scheduled to be transferred to the new owner next month.
Dark Web Domain of Genesis Market and Infrastructure Sold

The apparent successful sale took place despite the FBI’s takedown and seizure of the clearnet domain and infrastructure of Genesis Market in April 2023.

The criminal group responsible for Genesis Market, a prominent Dark Web platform known for facilitating cyber fraud, announced that the platform has been sold to an anonymous buyer.

The sale comes several months after U.S. authorities disrupted the platform, seizing some of its domains and adding it to the sanctions list. The move raises concerns about the potential revival of illicit activities and the evolving nature of cybercrime.

Dark Web Genesis Market for Sale: Operators Seek Buyers for Defunct Enterprise
Advert on the Exploit Forum (Image credit: Michele Campobasso – Twitter)

As we previously reported, in late June, Genesis Market was advertised to be available for sale on a hacker forum along with its source code and database. The operators’ attempt to sell the marketplace was met with suspicion in the cybersecurity community with researchers speculating that the advertisements were likely part of an FBI honeypot operation

The news of Genesis Market’s sale emerged when an account named GenesisStore, which had previously associated itself with the platform’s administrators, posted an announcement on the Russian-language Exploit Forum.

According to The Record’s report, the post stated that a buyer had been found, and a deposit had been made, with the store set to be transferred to the new owner next month. Notably, the sale does not include current user accounts.

Earlier this year, the FBI-led operation successfully seized Genesis Market‘s clear web domains and made several arrests of individuals globally who had been involved in fraudulent activities through the platform.

The operation also led to the identification and location of the platform’s backend servers, resulting in the acquisition of valuable information about approximately 59,000 user accounts.

The sale of Genesis Market, despite its tarnished reputation, has raised eyebrows within the cybersecurity community. Some experts speculate that the operators themselves orchestrated the sale to facilitate rebranding and disconnect from the sanctioned entity. Doubts have been cast on the viability of the sale, given the platform’s diminished standing and the legal consequences that potential buyers might face.

Clearnet domain of Genesis Market Seized; Dark Web site remains online
The seized clearnet domain of the Genesis Market (Image: Hackread.com)

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are likely to closely monitor the developments surrounding the sale of Genesis Market, ensuring that any potential resurgence of criminal activities is promptly addressed which is another disadvantage the new buyer of the marketplace will have to face.

Nevertheless, the cybersecurity community remains vigilant in combating cybercrime and safeguarding the digital landscape and it would be far from it for them to let a defunct marketplace rise back into power.

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