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  • Vera Bradley Payment System Breached; Customers Data Stolen

    Vera Bradley Inc.’s Payment Processing System Hacked Delaying its Website Upgrade until 2017. Vera Bradley Inc, a famous handbag manufacturer has suffered a data breach after hackers gained access to the customer data from the company’s payment processing systems. The incident has forced the company to delay its website upgrading until 2017. The data accessed […]

  • NSA Contractor Arrested for Stealing Classified Data

    A National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Harold Thomas Martin III was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation back in August on charges of stealing confidential data of the intelligence organization. The 51-year-old NSA contractor hails from Glen Burnie, Maryland and has been accused of stealing, removal and retention of classified government materials. As per […]

  • Turns out iPhone 5c can be hacked with a $100 hardware

    Researcher hacks iPhone 5c device of San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Syed Farook with just $100 hardware — Remember, the FBI had paid $1.3 million to get Farook’s iPhone unlocked. It has been over six months since Apple was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help bureau access data present on Rizwan Syed Farook’s iPhone 5c. The […]

  • FBI Arrests Two Alleged Hackers of Crackas With Attitude Group

    Crackas with Attitude (CWA) hackers who made headlines for hacking high-profile government officials in the United States are feeling the wrath of law enforcement agencies – US authorities have arrested two alleged hackers of the group. According to the Department of Homeland Justice the hackers, who have been identified as Justin Gray Liverman and Andrew […]

  • Lauri Love Might Get 99 Years for Hacking US Government Computers

    Let’s talk about Hack and Love; Let’s talk about Lauri Love — Lauri Love is a British Hacker might get 99 years for allegedly hacking US government computers. If extradited, Mr. Lauri Love fears it is quite possible that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and might even die sooner than […]

  • Does Hacktivism Really Equal Terrorism?

    An act involving hacking of a computer or a website to deliver a religious, political or social message is known as hacktivism but is it an act of terrorism as well? In early 2015, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) made a bold move. It placed self-proclaimed hacktivist, Jeremy Hammond, already in jail, on […]

  • Tor Teams Up With Experts to Protect Users from FBI Hacking

    Tor team has been working hard to stop FBI from hacking the Onion browser and track users — The team is now gearing up to create a hardened version of the Browser! There has been a fair share of work done to decrypt the Tor browser and any of its users who might be connected […]

  • FBI builds mammoth facial recognition database raising huge privacy concerns

    What comes to your mind when you read the term mass surveillance?… USA? NSA? Edward Snowden? Right! Well, add FBI’s massive facial recognition database to the list as well. Just last week it was widely reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to create a software that identifies, automatically, tattoos related to criminal organizations, religious groups, political […]

  • FBI Wants to Identify ‘Criminals’ By Their Tattoos

    The idea is to use 100,000 photographs as a parameter to define tattoos that relate to violent and criminal activities! Think about getting a tattoo? It is worth spending time choosing the design – and not just because it is permanent. The FBI wants to create a software that identifies, automatically, tattoos related to criminal […]

  • Watchout for this USB Device Charger, it could be Keystroke Logger: FBI

    Private industry players have been warned by the FBI through its Private Industry Notification to keep an eye on those keystroke loggers that have been disguised as USB device chargers. This notification is dated April 29. FBI officials wrote (Pdf) in their notification that: “If placed strategically in an office or other location where individuals might use […]

  • FBI Given Powers by Supreme Court To Hack Any Device They Want, How They Want

    FBI is now free to hack any computer in the world using any method it wants — Thanks to the Supreme court of the United States. The US Supreme Court has given a fatal blow to the tech world and its companies after passing regulations which entitle the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to […]

  • Ex Tor developer now working for government, responsible for Tor malware

    The US government hired an insider to help it with the anonymous browser Tor. Tor is used by millions of people around the world, who want it for its anonymity. The US government hired a former Tor Project developer, who has been creating malware for the Federal Bureau of Investigation which allows the agency to […]

  • Backdoor on Your Smartphone Already Exists — Explained

    Though the FBI has already hacked into the iPhone of suspected San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, there’s something missing — Mr. Kokumai, President of Mnemonic Security, Inc explains the reality of backdoor in our smartphones It appears that something crucial is overlooked in the heated debates about the backdoor on smartphones, which is the focus point of […]

  • FBI Finally Hacks San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone Proving Snowden Was Right

    The FBI has hacked into the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook and it didn’t even require for Apple’s help The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims that it has finally managed to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino suspected shooter without Apple‘s assistance — The hack also proves ex-NSA’s spy Edward Snowden right when he called the […]

  • FBI Adds Syrian Electronic Army Hackers in Cyber’s Most Wanted List

    FBI Adds three Syrian Electronic Army Members to its Cyber’s Most Wanted List and Charges Three for Hacking The three members of the Syrian Electronic Army involved in the hacking of prominent US media organizations and military’s social media platforms and websites have been charged with multiple computer hacking related conspiracies in a US federal […]

  • Apple to release iOS 9.3 after fixing iMessages encryption vulnerability

    Hackers at John Hopkins University breached the encryption of Apple’s iMessage feature allowing them to decrypt the contents of iMessage attachments, such as photos and videos Apple is a company that has maintained and reinforced the statement over and over again that it takes consumer privacy very seriously — This approach is indeed inspiring and admirable. But […]

  • FBI identifies WhatsApp as next target while court case with Apple goes on

    The ongoing FBI vs. Apple war is certainly not over yet. The fight has proved that there is much more to it than meets the eye. New court filings by the government against Apple and a potentially ensuing battle with WhatsApp, most popular texting media, will probably mean secure communications might just be illegal in […]

  • Apple vs. U.S. Department of Justice, The Winner is Apple

    Apple = 1 — U.S. Department of Justice = 0 On Monday, a federal judge went against the Justice Department and surprisingly sided with Apple Inc. The matter was related to forcing the iPhone maker firm to let investigators access data from a locked iPhone. This phone was seized during a drug investigation. The ruling […]

  • Snowden’s Favorite Signal App Developer Hired by Apple

    Apple has hired one of the developers behind Signal app — The app which has been used and endorsed by Edward Snowden So it seems that the Apple is hell bent on providing greater and superior security to its consumers, regardless of the controversy going on nowadays regarding giving access to alleged terrorists’ iPhone to the […]