Notorious dark web child abuser arrested after int’l operation

Authorities have arrested a dark web child abuser known for uploading highly graphic content on several marketplaces and online forums.
Natorious dark web child abuser arrested in int'l operation

The dark web pedophile was known for uploading highly graphic child abuse content on several online forums.

Europol has gone all out against online pedophiles lurking around the dark web to share sexually explicit content and earn profit at the expense of innocent minors. This practice has increased considerably in the past few years, and the Dark Web platforms have turned out to be an ideal place to buy/sell such content.

Recently, reported about how Europol managed to take down a transnational gang of dark web child abusers operating across Europe and seized 15TB worth of child (sexual) abuse material.

Now, in another breakthrough, Europol brought down another notorious dark web child abuser via cooperative efforts from Australia’s Taskforce Argo, the Queensland Police department.

Natorious dark web child abuser arrested in int'l operation

It all started when the Queensland Police tipped Europol via its secure communication channel about the activities of a pedophile on the dark web who exploited an underage boy and made explicit videos, which were uploaded on the dark web and social media platforms.

Europol experts’ operational analysis revealed that the videos were discovered in France and Belgium and may have been recorded in Spain back in 2015. The videos and images’ analysis revealed that the victim was less than five years of age at the time.

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It was also noted that the abuser used phrases and words from the Spanish language in the videos that were uploaded on the web. This ruled out the possibility that the suspect could be a Latin American.

After numerous open-source inquiries, operational analyses, and cross-checking of available information, Europol experts identified the various child abuse and exploitation platforms, forums, and boards on the Dark Web where the abuser was registered.

Along with that, the suspect’s social media network was also discovered, where the investigators found a female sharing the same surname that was used in one of the titles of the abusive videos. They also identified many different email IDs that the suspect was using as well as his Dark Web access point that he used to commit the horrendous crime.

Watch as authorities analyze the seized devices and data:

Policía Nacional (Spain’s National Police) was alerted and they located the suspect in Barcelona. Since Spain was under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish National Police Central High-Tech Crime Unit’s cybercrime experts could not be sent to Barcelona to arrest the suspect and the arrest was carried out by local law enforcement. 

This is developing news, keep visiting this space for more updates on the incident. 

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