‘Verify Your Email Account’, The Latest Phishing Scam to Emerge Online

The email informs the recipient that if your account is not verified in 24 hours then you will be termed as a fraudulent user and your email account will be taken down. However, if you click on the “verify” button, you can resolve the issue.

Let us inform you that this email is just another phishing scam and the email service provider is also not a legitimate one. It is simply an attempt of tricking you into providing your email account password to hackers. When you click on the “verify” button you will be redirected to a webpage where you will be asked to enter your email account password. As soon as this is done a fake verification scan will be run on your browser.

That’s how the fake email looks like with Fake ”Powered by Google Signature.”

After scanning, you will be notified that the process of verification is complete and successful and your email no longer will be considered fraudulent. In the end, you will be taken to a genuine Google search page.

The purpose of this email is to collect your email credentials and use it for hijacking your account and perform malicious scams. When scammers gain access to your email account they can utilize it for sending out many more such scams and spam emails from your side to all your contacts and just about anyone, reports Hoax-Slayer.

Although such crude email phishing scams are becoming very common and frequently occurring but even now many users fall for these tricks and let hackers steal their identity and even credit card details. Please be cautious and never open spam emails no matter how compelled you feel.

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