Discord.io Admits Data Breach: Info of 760K Users Sold Online

Discord.io Admits Data Breach: Info of 760K Users Sold Online

Amid the data breach, Discord.io has shut down all of its operations indefinitely in the foreseeable future.

  • Massive Discord.io Data Breach Unveiled: Hacker “Akhirah” exposes a vast data breach on Discord.io, an unofficial service that provides redirect and invite links to Discord servers.
  • Over 760,000 Users Impacted: The breach, occurring on August 14, 2023, has jeopardized the personal information of more than 760,000 users.
  • Discord.io Halts Operations: In response to the breach, Discord.io has taken the unprecedented step of shutting down its operations indefinitely.
  • Hacker Talks to Hackread.com: Akhirah wants Discord.io to remove malicious content from the site in order to put an end to the database sale.
  • Exposed Data Includes Sensitive Details: Stolen information from the breach includes usernames, Discord IDs, email addresses, and salted and hashed passwords.
  • Urgent Call to Action: Discord.io urges users to update their passwords to mitigate the impact of the breach, while financial information remains reportedly untouched. Hackread.com is actively seeking more details from the hacker to provide comprehensive insights into the incident.

A hacker using the pseudonym “Akhirah” has unleashed a massive data breach against Discord.io, a non-official service known for providing redirect and invite links to Discord servers. The data breach, which occurred on Monday, August 14, 2023, has put the personal information of approximately 760,000 users at grave risk.

Currently, the database is being sold on the new version of Breach Forums that surfaced recently under the leadership of the infamous ShinyHunter hackers.

Discord.io Admits Data Breach: Info of 760K Users Sold Online
Discord.io database on Breach Forums (Screenshot: Hackread.com)

Initial glimpses into the database are troubling, as usernames, Discord IDs, email addresses, and salted and hashed passwords have all fallen prey to this data breach. Although the hashed nature of passwords may offer a thin silver lining, the potential for decryption looms large, underscoring the urgent need for users to fortify their defences which is why Discord.io has urged users to reset and update their passwords.

Additionally, Discord.io maintains that no financial data has been infiltrated or exposed in this breach. However, while the extent of this breach is still unfolding, Discord.io has taken a drastic step in response. The service, which was already skating on thin ice, has decided to cease all operations indefinitely in the “foreseeable future.”

Visitors to Discord.io are now greeted with a message detailing the severity of the breach. The company, in an act of transparency, has laid out the compromised data fields. This initiative aims to provide clarity to affected users about what information is now exposed and what remains untouched in the cataclysmic wake of this incident.

“We have cancelled existing premium subscriptions and we’ll be reaching out as soon as possible on an individual basis. As of this message, we have not yet been contacted by the people responsible for this breach nor have we reached out to them. As far as we currently know, the database itself has not yet been shared publicly.”Discord.io

Here is a screenshot from Discord.io admitting the data breach and providing in-depth details about what data was stolen and which information remained untouched.

Discord.io Admits Data Breach: Info of 760K Users Sold Online
Homepage of Discord.io right now (Screenshot: Hackread.com)

Interview with the hacker Akhirah

Akhirah responded to Hackread.com, and we managed to ask him a couple of questions about the breach. Akhirah claims he is least interested in selling data; however, he wants Discord.io to remove malicious content from their site and get in touch with him to resolve the issue – no retribution or bounty required.

HACKREAD.COM: Discord.io has shut down its operations. Would you share your thoughts on that? and share some details of how did you manage to breach them, and if you have access to their payment section as well?

AKHIRAH: First I have to say I hate Discord and its audience, I think most of them are paedophiles, I put the data on the market to sell but I’m not sure about it, and I haven’t sold it to anyone yet, but there are so many demands, I want to talk to the management of discord.io and agree on some issues. Plus, I don’t have access to payment-related data, just stuff I’ve shared an example of

HACKREAD.COM: By talking to them do you mean resolving the issue and discarding the data or asking them for some sort of retribution?

AKHIRAH: I want to talk to him about sissy, femboy etc content and blacklisting of paedophile talks from now on.

HACKREAD.COM: So if they remove the malicious content and people you would agree to safely discard the data and that would be the end of it?

AKHIRAH: Yes, that can be said. Too many children want to buy this data, it’s true that I sell data, but I’m not sure I want to sell this data. I just want to talk and agree with the admin about the sensitive issues I mentioned.

HACKREAD.COM: Have you contacted Discord.io?

AKHIRAH: No, they are the victims right now and they didn’t try to talk to me, I invite them to talk, I would appreciate it if you could share this on your site.

Discord.io becomes the latest platform to shut down due to data breaches. Just a week ago, LetMeSpy Android Spyware Service also announced its permanent closure following a hacker’s successful breach and access to user data.

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