EA Servers Go Down; Battlefield 1 Servers Facing Outage

If you are wondering what is going on with Battlefield 1 then you are not alone, EA servers are down impacting Battlefield 1’s players in the United States and Europe with connectivity issues on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The outage began around 4 pm today blocking players from online activities. The users, confused with the situation took their questions on Twitter where official EA Help account has acknowledged that Battlefield 1’s servers are down. However, the reason for this outage has not been mentioned.

DownDetector, a website which keeps an eye on online platforms suffering outage has also confirmed that Battlefield 1’s servers are down. DD’s live EA outage map shows the servers are down in the US and Europe.

EA outage map shows countries where service has been impacted. Source: DownDetector

Here are some tweets and posts from users complaining about the downtime:


There are some users reporting that Battlefield 4 servers are also facing issues. At the time of publishing this article Battlefield 1 servers were down. 

Remember, EA has a long history of server downtime sometimes due to technical issues or cyber attacks however It is still unclear if EA is suffering a cyber attack or it is some kind of technical glitch. Either way, we will keep you updated in case the company comes up with an official statement or clarification.

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