Users Reporting Electronic Arts and PlayStation Servers are Down

Are you unable to access your Electronic Arts and PlayStation Network account? Well, welcome to the party since you are not alone. A growing number of users are reporting on Twitter that they can’t access their accounts and it is unclear what is really going on. 

Looking at the official help account of Playstation one can see users are not happy but a good news is that the company has acknowledged the issue.

Looking at Playstation’s status page it can be seen that several online services including Account Management, Gaming And Social, PlayStation™Now, PlayStation™Video, PlayStation™Vue, PlayStation®Store and PlayStation™Music are down.


Same is going on with the Electronic Arts servers where users are reporting server issues yet there has been no official response from the company.

Is it a DDoS attack or a technical issue? We are keeping an eye on the issue and once the service is back we will update this article. Remember, just last week a number of PlayStation users reported that their accounts are getting hacked but Sony had denied any foul play. 

That’s not all, PlayStation Network is often DDoSed by hackers. Similarly, Electronic Arts servers have been facing DDoS attacks and technical issues after every few weeks. We hope this time it’s a technical issue rather than a DDoS attack.


It looks like the issue on PSN has been resolved and service is back online. For Electronic Arts update stay tuned.

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