Elasher University of Egypt website hacked by Pak Cyber Eaglez


Pakistani hackers from Pak Cyber Eaglez group has hacked and defaced official website of Egyptian based Elasher University (http://www.eau.edu.eg). 

The hackers contacted me via email explained that main reason to hack the site was to show their power and force the admin to secure their site.

The site was left with group’s deface page and a message on the home page, according to the message:

Inspite Of These Difficulties We Are Not Less Than Anyone, We Are Telanted Nation, With Less Electricity We Are Defacing You Bitches :D We Made Atom Bomb, We Got Many Oskar Awards, We Are The Most Brave Nation, We Have Strong Army America Want Our Army For Their Defense, Because They Have Timid And Coward Army Bitches lol….Ok Lets Come To The Main Point, You Just Got Hacked Patch Your Asses, Don’t Know How To Secure Shitts And Making Sites lol. 

Elasher University is a leading private educational institution in Egypt, specializing in science and technology since 2000. 

The mirror of hacked website is available on Zone-h.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was down and displaying under maintenance message.

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