Facebook “Copyright Violations” Message: A Phishing Scam  

Researcher dedicated to debunking hoaxes and exposing scams, have discovered a phishing scam doing rounds on the Facebook.

It comes as a “Copyright Violation” message, supposedly from the Facebook Support Team and asks the users to click on a link to verify the page. It warns that failure to verify within 48 hours may result in suspension of your account.

Clicking the link takes the users to a Facebook app page with a bogus form seeking the Facebook login information, email and phone number. Once the information is furnished, the user receives a message that the verification process was successful.

The message appears authentic because it is sent from one of the hacked Facebook account. Once the cybercriminals have access to your login details, they can (ab)use it to their advantage and can use it to launch further scam attacks, says Hoax Slayer.

A user complaining about Facebook phishing scam:

The scam is one of the several phishing scams witnessed by Facebook users in recent years. Users are advised to be wary of such scams and not click any link contained within.

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