Facebook is now available on Tor for Anonymous browsing

Big news from Facebook, if you are a Tor user! Facebook has developed a link that will allow Tor users to browse freely on the site. The link is generated to discriminate Tor users from botnets which the Facebook server detects once a person is browsing through an anonymous browser. Kindly, login via following link if you are one of the Tor users:


With this update, Facebook becomes first ever website to be certified of generating such a link for Tor users.


Though, it is not something Facebook was planning to do recently, but they had been planning this since they started receiving complaints from the users about site being not opening properly (overall site’s structure became organized as soon as system finds a botnet) when browsed from an anonymous browser. As by default, site’s algorithms marked the user to be non-human and treated them as botnets.

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This move would be a good reply to all the critics who rate Facebook no.1 in making digital privacy vulnerable. Facebook users would also be satisfied by hearing this news as common thought is that Facebook’s developers are there just to make money and have no aims of make privacy on the site better, but this certainly will help and would make them realize that the sacks of money made are not only kept in pockets but spent on enhancing security too.

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One of the users tested this feature too, conclusions from the result were positive! When he logged in as a Tor user without using the link he was kicked out as soon as got to his home page and was asked security questions. Once he answered those questions he logged in again, this time he saw overall site unorganized, like previously users reported. But, he then used the newly developed Tor link and everything was back to normal, some difference in the font was though observed. Which one might reckon, will be adjusted with the time.

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