Teyana Taylor’s Twitter Hacked, Nude image Leaked

Teyana Taylor Leaked Topless pictures are out on The Web as her twitter account was hacked and her topless pictures were leaked on the internet. The nude image along with other images claiming to be of the “Google Me” singer were leaked via her Yfrog account.

The nude image that is spreading all over the internet like ”jungle fire” shows a girl with similar features like Taylor showing her breasts is wearing nothing but socks and an underwear with a digital camera right in front of her face, hiding her face. Twitter users believe that she has uploaded the pictures herself or either it is in result of her a hacking attempt on her twitter account.

After the leak Teyana Taylor has wrote an open letter to public, read the open letter:

Look I’m human, & just like every girl in this world, I admire my body so i take pics just like EVERY other human being. However my phone that was stolen Witch my phone was also connected to my twitter. So i guess the hacker felt the need to have a field day and leaked personal photos, and also tweet  mean & hurtful things about me. I ain’t gone front It really hurt my feelings that someone would be so evil and mean. I would never leak photos like that of my self.  I have so many blessings and opportunities ahead of me &  I have way more class & respect for my self as a young woman. So there’s no need to seek attention.  But I sincerely apologize to all my supporters and followers who had to witness the devil at work, and at what he does best.  Carma is a $&@# but I’ll let God handle that. that’s it that’s all.

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