New Facebook Phishing Scam Posts Links on Friends Timeline

Facebook timelines nowadays are displaying a new phishing scam message with the title “Here’s the Link HeHe.”

The text of this scam message varies in all its versions because if one message asks you to check out a “foolish movieclip,” then the other asks to check out a “silly woman,” whereas in some the users are asked about a picture.

These are however, initial messages as a follow up comment contains the malicious link with various versions of the title. When you click on this malicious link then you will be taken to a fake Facebook page. This will appear just like the normal Facebook login page.

That’s how hackers trick users into clicking the link

Once you enter your account’s login information on that fake login page, you will be redirected automatically to an Instagram page and meanwhile the scammer will save your credentials for hijacking your real Facebook account. So beware it’s a Facebook phishing scam.

This is the page you will be redirected

After gaining access to your Facebook page the hackers will use it to post this phishing scam message on your Timeline so that all your friends see it thinking that you have posted it. Some may even click on the malicious link and get their own accounts compromised. This way the scam message will keep spreading and attacking unsuspecting users.

Here are some example domains: 
Hi-ya Do you save this picture !!!!
The link, hehe..
Check this foolish movieclip HaHa
The link… hehe
Check out this silly woman
here’s the link hehe http://www.Goog.le/er-removed

Hackers can also use hijacked Facebook accounts to start new scam campaigns.

Caution- Users should never click on any link contained in the message or any subsequent comments if you receive such a post.

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