iPhone Users Hit with iCloud Account Deactivation Phishing Scam

iPhone users in the United Kingdom have been targeted with yet another phishing scam designed to steal their iCloud accounts — The scam may spread all over the word due to its uniqueness. 

Crooks are targeting iPhone users in the United Kingdom with a sophisticated phishing scam through text messages containing malicious link designed to steal login credentials of their iCloud accounts. Recently, several celebrities and normal users have been complaining about a text message supposedly sent by Apple informing them about deactivation of their iCloud account and in order to reactivate it they have to click on a link and login with their iCloud email and password. You guessed it right! it’s not the Apple sending messages but the crooks.

Tip: Always Google the suspicious link before clicking on it

The targeted users of this scam include British comedian Jack Dee, former England cricketer Matt Prior, and Andrew Grill, the global managing partner at IBM.

The link sent in the text message is icloudverify(dot)co(d0t)uk. Upon login, the data is sent directly into the hands of crooks behind the scam. However, Google Chrome’s phishing detector already flagged the domain as a phishing website and at the time of publishing this article, the domain was removed from the Internet.

However, there are hundreds of phishing scams out there eager to steal your social media accounts, personal and banking information. Last week, a similar scam was found circulating on the web aimed at stealing Apple IDs by sending fake links in text messages.

Scammers Threatening Users with Apple ID Suspension Phishing Scam Scammers Trying to Steal Apple IDs with Sophisticated Phishing Scam

Here are some screenshots users shared on the social media site Twitter:

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