FaceTime bug exposes live audio & video before recipient picks call

FaceTime bug lets caller hear live audio & video before recipient picks call

FaceTime bug is exposing calls and videos – Here’s how to disable FaceTime until this issue is fixed.

According to reports, there is a major bug in iPhone FaceTime’s video calling function that lets users hear audio from the call even before the recipient has accepted the video call. Moreover, the flaw also lets people see the video of the person they are trying to call before they pick up.

On the other hand, Apple has made the FaceTime app temporarily unavailable until it fixes the flaw. The company didn’t comment on the issue but claims that it is aware of the bug and will be releasing an update anytime this week.

The presence of a technical glitch in FaceTime video calls has been confirmed by The Guardian as well; in its report it was revealed that the call is directly made into the microphone while the phone keeps ringing and if the recipient presses the power button on the iPhone it starts broadcasting the video to the person making the call. Originally, the function of the power button on an iPhone is to silence or ignore the incoming call.

The Verge reveals that the problem starts when someone makes a video call using FaceTime and adds own phone number to the call prior to the recipient picking the phone. Apparently, FaceTime considers this as the start of a conference call and begins sending the audio of the recipient before the call is picked up.

Furthermore, the camera can also be viewed by the caller if only the power of the volume button is pressed to cancel or ignore the call. An interesting fact is that the recipients remain unaware that live audio is being transmitted from their phones to the callers’ phone and sometimes even live video footages are broadcasted.

This bug affects Apple devices running iOS 12.1 as well as Macs running macOS Mojave, on which the FaceTime feature has recently been added. The bug was tested by Brian Ries, senior editor at CNN, who tried calling his family members, friends, and a colleague and he also received audio and video of the person he was trying to call.

Some have even replicated the bug

If you want to stay protected, it is recommended that you disable FaceTime on your iPhone for the time being or until Apple released a software update to fix the flaw. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has urged the users to stop using FaceTime for some time and tweeted: “Disable FaceTime for now until Apple fixes.”

How to disable FaceTime until this issue is fixed?

● 1) Go to Settings
●2) Tap FaceTime
●3) Now toggle the FaceTime switch so that it is disabled.

Simply put: To disable the app on an iPhone or iPad, follow this route: Settings>FaceTime and turn the green button off, which will be displayed at the top of the screen. To disable FaceTime on a Mac simply open the app and select Turn FaceTime Off from the top of the screen. Group FaceTime has already been disabled by Apple temporarily.

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