Fake LastPass Password Manager App Lurks on iOS App Store

Remember, it is LastPass Password Manager, not LassPass Password Manager!

The popular LastPass Password Manager application has warned iOS users about a fraudulent app exploiting the app’s name circulating on the official Apple App Store.

Attention, LastPass users! A cunning imposter has infiltrated the iOS App Store, posing as the legitimate LastPass Password Manager app. This fake app, aptly named “LassPass Password Manager,” seeks to deceive users and potentially steal their sensitive login credentials.

Despite slight alterations to the logo and name, the fake LastPass app operates seamlessly to scam unsuspecting users into downloading it, as its colour scheme and font closely mimic those of the original LastPass app.

It all began on February 7, 2024, when LastPass published a blog post warning unsuspecting users to remain vigilant and avoid downloading a fraudulent application. Despite LastPass’s report, the app remains available on the App Store and is developed by an individual using the name Parvati Patel. Interestingly, the developer also has another app on their account, a community service app for India, hinting at their location.

Just to clarify, the LastPass password manager app is owned by GoTo, formerly known as LogMeIn Inc. Therefore, the official app lists LogMeIn Inc., as its developer on the Apple App Store.

Fake LastPass Password Manager app called LassPass Password Manager App (left) – Authentic LastPass Password Manager app (right) (Screenshots: Hackread.com)


  • The fake app: The app is called “LassPass Password Manager” and is listed under the developer name Parvati Patel.
  • Mimicking tactics: The app closely copies LastPass’ branding and user interface, even using similar screenshots, to potentially mislead users into downloading it.
  • Potential dangers: If downloaded, the fake app could steal your login credentials and other sensitive information.
  • Action taken: LastPass is actively working to get the app removed from the App Store and is urging users to be cautious.

The fake app can be seen here, while the authentic one can be downloaded from here.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first instance of a fake app mimicking a popular developer making its way onto the Apple App Store. In July 2023, Apple approved a fake THREADS app, which later surged to number 1 on the Apple Store in Europe. Interestingly, the original THREADS app had been launched by META just a few days prior to the incident and was not yet available in Europe when the fake one appeared in the store.

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