10 Free and Best OSINT Tools 2021

OSINT refers to information collected from online sources however it requires tools to do so, and here are the 10 best OSINT Tools for 2020.

OSINT or Open source intelligence refers to information about businesses or people that can be collected from online sources. However, it requires tools to do so, and here are the 10 best OSINT Tools for 2020.

It’s only natural that we feel the need to weed out what’s most valuable in the age of information digitalization. Organizations use a variety of paid and unpaid methods and services to accomplish this. The latter group is part of the open-source intelligence (OSINT) area, and it can be extremely useful.

What are OSINT tools?

OSINT stands for open-source intelligence, and it refers to a collection of data or information from public sources such as firms, organizations, or about persons, as we described earlier. 

In general, OSINT approaches have been developed using publicly accessible information collected, used, and released at the right moment to the right audience to direct a specific intelligence requirement. 

Why are OSINT tools needed?

After learning what OSINT tools are, the issue of why we need OSINT tools emerges. Assume you’re in an incident where you need to locate accurate information on the internet about a specific topic. And you must do so in two ways: first, you must analyze and obtain all relevant knowledge about the topic; this is laborious and time-consuming. 

As a result, we hope that it is now apparent to you that it saves a lot of time and that consumers receive accurate information without having to remember it.

In light of this, these are the top ten OSINT tools for 2021:


Nuwber is a search engine that swiftly finds and verifies people by providing accurate data. Nuwber can help users find an old friend, coworker, or acquaintance with whom they have lost touch over time.

Nuwber gathers information from a range of public papers and consumer databases to provide both historical and current public data. Nuwber can assist users in obtaining contact information and verifying individuals in their personal lives.  

OSINT framework:

It is a website that lists data discovery and gathering tools for practically any source or platform. The OSINT Framework application includes over 30 categories of prospective data such as the dark web, social networks, and harmful file analysis, allowing you to view the many ways you could obtain such data. 

It is not a tool that should be installed on users’ servers; it is a constructive approach to obtain important information by searching freely available search engines, resources, and applications on the internet.


It is an OSINT tool for scraping data on personal, network, and commercial entities from over 100 data sources.

It is another open-source program in the OSINT Tools GitHub repository available for both Linux and Windows. It was created in the Python programming language. It can run on any virtual platform as it has been pre-qualified to ask more than 100 OSINT experts questions to gain intelligence on emails, IP addresses, names, domain names, and other topics. 

Google Dorks:

Google Dorks is a data querying approach rather than a technology. It involves employing advanced search arguments in Google Search to query information. Advanced operators in the search engine are used to collect data such as admin login pages, bank account credentials, email lists, confidential documents, and so on. “Dorking” is the term for using these sophisticated operators. 


Shodan is a sophisticated and effective search engine that hackers use to look through all exposed assets. It provides you with accurate results that are more logical and affiliated with security experts.

Essentially, this program aids the security analyst in identifying the target and testing it for a variety of vulnerabilities, services, passwords, ports, and other factors. Furthermore, it allows for greater flexibility in community searches.


It is a product of Paterva and also a part of Linux. The primary purpose of this is to perform essential research towards various targets with the guidance of some in-built transforms. 

If you wish to use Maltego, you must first register on the Paterva website. After completing the registration process, you can either design your own machine or just run the machine to obtain the aim. 


Users can use Metasploit to upload, download, listen to, or change files they’ve found. They can even take screenshots and activate the camera and microphone for remote eavesdropping on mobile devices.

This program is a fearless weapon that can be used to gather all of the necessary data on a target – whether it is a host or a network – and then exploit any vulnerabilities that have been uncovered. This is usually accomplished by sending a payload that contains commands to be executed. 


Recon-ng is another valuable tool for obtaining information from open, public records is this one. Although the CLI makes the interface appear intimidating at first, it is actually a simple tool to understand after a few days of playing around with it. Anyone who is experienced with working in a Unix/Linux environment, on the other hand, will find this to be a familiar tool. 

The easy command-based interface lets users perform basic tasks such as communicating with a database, running HTTP calls, managing API keys, and standardizing output text.


Aircrack-ng is a wireless network security penetration testing tool that performs the following four tasks: 

  • Packet monitoring
  • Penetration testing 
  • Performance analysis
  • Password security testing 

Although the program was initially designed for Linux, it is also available for Windows, OS X, and FreeBSD. Because it is a fully CLI tool, it may be readily customized to match specific needs using custom scripts. 


TinEye is the original reversed image search engine, and all you have to do is submit a proper picture to TinEye to get all the required information, like where it has come from and how it has been used.

Instead of using keyword matching, it uses a variety of approaches to complete its tasks, including picture matching, signature matching, watermark identification, and numerous other databases to match the image. 


We tried to cover all there is to know about OSINT tools in this article, including OSINT techniques, what they are used for, and the top 10 best OSINT tools of 2021.

Though the list can go on and on, the fact is that it all depends on the correct tool and the right techniques. As a result, the aforementioned tools are free to use, allowing users to quickly assess what is best for them. 

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