Further 37 Chinese Government Sites Defaced by Barbaros-DZ Algerian Hacker

On 21st of December, I updated you about Barbaros-DZ Algerian Hacker who hacked 32 important Chinese website. This time the same hacker has hacked and defaced 37 more government owned websites, making the total count of 69 in 3 days.

 37-chinese-sites-hacked-Barbaros-DZ Algerian Hacker

The hacker left exactly the same deface page and deface note on all the hacked websites, according to the note:

Hacked by Barbaros-DZ Algerian Hacker

Greetz: Bb0yH4cK3r_Dz | BOB_Dz | Dz Mafia | HTC 28 DZ | Kader11000

Ked Ans | Smail002 | TiGER-M@TE | The-DarKKn!ght | x00t | yasMouh

www.dz4all.com | www.dz-mafia.net | www.elkadimoun.org | www.htc28dz.net | www.htc-hacker.com

Contact: barbaros “@” live.ru

To be continued…

Just like the first hack, the hacker did not mentioned the reason for hacking website. The hacked websites belong to the top government institution. 

At the time of publishing this article, most of the sites were displaying deface page left by the hacker. 

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