Girl set on fire in India for accepting Facebook request

We have heard about increase in rate of divorces due to social networking website Facebook but witnessing a horrific crime such as setting an innocent girl on fire for accepting a friend request from another man has hit the news for the first time.

In the Indian city of Allahabad, a 22-year-old  female University student was set on fire on Tuesday by a man known to her — all for befriending another man on Facebook.Both are from Masaurhi village in Patna, police said.

The BTech student suffered 20% burns on her back, shoulders and neck in the daylight attack that took place right opposite the women’s hostel in Lalla Chungi area. Her attacker, identified as Vishant, was nabbed while trying to run away in a tempo. He has also suffered minor burns.

The Indian officials have already reported that the country is no more safer for women due to increase in gang rape incidents and now this incident raise questions over women safety in the country.


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