Google Docs Users Targeted with “Confidential Document” Phishing Scam

The purpose of this scam message is to steal Google Account Login credentials. Users are urged to click on a fake link that leads to a rogue Google Account login page — When users submit their login details, scammers collect it to hijack their genuine Google accounts.

A fake message has been doing the rounds on the cyber-world nowadays claiming to be containing information about a “Confidential Document.” As per this email, a confidential document has been uploaded on Google Docs in which the recipient is asked to click on a fake link and enter his or her Google login details to read the message.

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Beware and don’t fall for this phishing scam
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However, in reality the link never leads to any confidential Google document and the message actually is a rather simplistic phishing scam that has been designed to deceive recipients into submitting their Google account details to scammers. If you click on the malicious link, you will be redirected to Google login page.

Don’t download attachments from unknown emails

After users submit their login details on that fake form, cybercriminals immediately collect the data and use it to hijack Google accounts of the victims. This way, hackers/scammers are able to take control of multiple Google services that the victim owns such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and/or Google+.

Later, scammers use the hijacked accounts to conduct identity theft by posing as the victim and they are able to launch new spam/scam attacks or spread the current one.

This scam message can be termed as an unsophisticated attempt, but it definitely can trick less experienced or curious users who would want to explore the “Confidential Document” without due forethought.

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