Google Maps Shows Edward Snowden Has Moved to White House

Edward Snowden finally is home. After showing up as a sculpture at Brooklyn Park and appearing on John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight, Snowden is now marching all the way to the president’s house probably to find out who has the copies of his dick pics.

Google Maps, on desktop and its mobile app, is displaying a business listing for a bogus shop named “Edward Snow Den” in the middle of The White House, which presumably is Google’s strategy of reporting a rapprochement between the famous whistle-blower and the US government. However, the truth is that this misplaced Snow Den is only a result of somebody altering the location of a verified business listing after it was added to Google Maps.

Edward’s Snow Den (Google Maps/

 This goof up was firstly reported by Marketing Land and the search giant also confirmed it and added that the error has been addressed. However, when we personally checked out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue we found that Edward Snow Den, which according to its Google Plus page is a snowboarding shop), was still open for business. Nonetheless, when Marketing Land has listed this business as a verified one then there is no doubt that Google is trying very hard to delete Snowden from the White House.

Edward’s Snow Den (Google Maps/

Google Maps often display this sort of problems which is called location squatting. Apart from the Edward Snowden shop, another “cCross law firm” is listed to be located in the West Wing and the US Department of the Treasurt is shown to be home to “freddy frazbear’s pizza” and located a few hundred meters to the east.


Via: Marketing Land
Source: Google Maps

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