Hacker Puts Crude Poem on Hacked Electronic Signpost in France

If you see a crude poem on an electronic signpost,  it is not the handy work of the municipal authorities rather, it is the work of an annoyed, attention-seeking hacker.

Reality is definitely stranger than fiction. Until now we believed that hackers used vulgar content to blackmail users but now they have gone a step further by using it to display anger and protest in France.

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A French hacker managed to post probably the rudest road sign ever to register his protest. He hacked an electronic parking sign installed on a busy street at Lille’s Boulevard Louis XVI. 

What the road sign displayed?

As a result of hack, the signpost which usually displayed information about  available free spaces in the public car parks of the city, showed the words:

“Bite” (d**k), “couille” (ball, or te***le), chatte (p***y), and cul (a**e).

Video Proof:

 Serbian Students Hack Billboard, Display Advert in PirateBay’s support


The parking sign was hacked after a French court declared that Strauss-Kahn, while being the head of the IMF (international monetary fund), didn’t prompt or encourage the group-sex sessions that he attended with his friends, according to The Register.

The hacker operates through the Twitter account @Ivoidwarrantie. According to the hacker, replacing the road sign with the explicit poem was an attempt to show his disagreement with the acquittal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn from right under the noses of the Gendarmerie Nationale over pimping charges. 

The unapologetic hacker, after making the hack public, tweeted the reason behind his protest:

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