Here is a list of URLs used by the NSA to install malware on PCs worldwide

Last month security researchers discovered an undetectable malware installed in the hard drives by the American National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on people around the world. Those findings were indeed serious but there is another light to the story. 

Researcher at Kaspersky Labs have discovered a list of domains used by the NSA to install malware on victim’s PC around the world.

These domains are now expired and NSA has no control over them, but at the same time these domains are now worth thousands of dollars. 

Kaspersky identified 300 such domains, and published 113 of them.

internet browser

For instance, was used by the NSA but now can be bought by any pornographic company and might be worth up to $7,000 to $10,000. Another domain was also used by the NSA to install spying software on user’s PC and might be worth up to few thousands of dollars.

MUST READ: NSA Hiding Undetectable Spyware in Hard Drives Worldwide was once owned by the NSA and as the name suggests it may have been used to spy on Islamic countries. It might be worth up to few thousand dollars as well. 

Some good and expensive domains according to us are mentioned below, for full list click here.


So which domain from above list would you buy? 

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