How to find the best process for hot lead generation

Effective lead generation is the backbone of any successful business as it helps…
How to find the best process for hot lead generation

Effective lead generation is the backbone of any successful business as it helps in building trust with your customers and give them knowledge about your products and services. Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and converting them into customers by convincing them about your offerings that can ultimately result in a sale. More there will be productive lead generation, more your business ROI will increase.

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The lead generation process is a combination of several digital marketing strategies that helps in drawing the targeted traffic to your business website and converts them into leads. As per the journal review-start a lead gen business, the following are the 5 best methods for hot lead generation in 2019.  

Apply Outbound and Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing techniques like paid Google PPC ads; Social Networking ads; Email Marketing; and event marketing through webinars, conferences, tradeshows, seminars, etc are extremely beneficial to have the potential leads for your business. But, along with outbound marketing do apply the strategies of inbound marketing as well for the best results. Inbound marketing deals with keyword research; Adword campaigns; and sharing quality content about your business and services in the online platforms through blogs, infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, case studies, and webinars. You need to identify in which platform your audience mostly lives and based on that, share the contents accordingly for the maximum lead generation.

Apply Mobile marketing

Most of the people search for products and services through their smartphones. So, make sure that your business website, blogs and other contents are mobile optimized for a front-page rank in Google. Instead of using long user-centric forms go for progressive profiling in your website; make a point to use simple clickable call-to-action buttons for direct lead generations; provide discounts and offers in the form of promo codes; discounts through mobile PPC ads and social networking ads; launch mobile Adword campaigns; make sure all of your website contents are mobile optimized to fit properly in the mobile screens and lastly go for text message campaigns to promote your brand products and offers.

Lead Nurturing

After you have gathered enough potential leads through web and mobile marketing, it’s time to nurture them. Nurturing your leads will make the audience hooked on to your business products and services eventually converting them into customers. You can send them emails and SMS informing about your recently launched products, latest offers, hot sale coupons, or go for the retargeting ads if you see they are interested in a particular product section of your website until they finally make up a mind to be a customer of your brand. You can also use autoresponder emails for the leads seeking any kind of service from your website.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is important to observe which leads have the maximum potential of getting converted into your customers. Score the leads based on the factors like- Engagement (no of page visits, website visits, forms submitted, emails clicked or opened); Behavior (subject-specific page visits, subscriptions, quiz completion, video watching and so on that describes audience interest level); Person/Demographic( Job title, company size, industry, budget, location, Purchase time, revenue).

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Also, make a point to analyze the leads with poor scores. After determining the factors, analyze how well they are complementing your sales to identify the top, middle and bottom level interactions in your marketing funnel.

Evaluate the Lead generations

Make a point to constantly evaluate your lead generation system so that you don’t lose any lead in the process. Generally, a business loses a lead when they are unable to hold to the customer’s interest level. Once it is lost, it takes a lot of hard work and expenses to re-capture the lead again for your brand. Use the Marketing CRM and lead management software to segment and score your leads, manage the different stages of your lead generation and track the progress of your leads with auto or manual updates and reminders so that you don’t miss out on anything while tracking.

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