Vulnerability Exposed Ibis Budget Guest Room Codes to Hackers

Hackers Find Easy Access to Rooms at Ibis Budget Hotels!
Vulnerability Exposed Ibis Budget Guest Room Codes to Hackers

Ibis Budget guests were left vulnerable after a security flaw in self-check-in kiosks exposed room access codes. Learn how this major security breach could have impacted travelers and what steps you can take to stay safe.

A data security issue at Ibis Budget hotels across Europe raised concerns for guest safety after a vulnerability in their self-check-in kiosks allowed anyone to see room access codes.

The issue came to light in late 2023 when a team of hackers from Swiss firm Pentagrid discovered the flaw in a kiosk at an Ibis Budget hotel in Germany. Their investigation revealed that the kiosks displayed the room access codes on the screen after check-in, potentially compromising the security of any guest who used the kiosk.

While Pentagrid only confirmed the vulnerability in a single German hotel, they believe it likely impacted a wider range of Ibis Budget locations. The budget hotel chain, owned by hospitality giant Accor, boasts over 600 locations across 20 countries.

According to Pentagrid, it promptly notified Accor about the security hole. The hotel group responded swiftly and within a month, a patch was rolled out to address the vulnerability and prevent further exposure of room access codes.

Vulnerability Exposed Ibis Budget Guest Room Codes to Hackers

Although a fix is now in place, cybersecurity experts warn that such vulnerabilities can have serious consequences. With access codes exposed, anyone could potentially gain unauthorized entry to a guest’s room, putting them and their belongings at risk.

It is worth mentioning that hotels are a lucrative target for cybercriminals. There have been cases where threat actors infected hotel door lock systems with ransomware, or security researchers identified critical security vulnerabilities in electronic key software used by thousands of hotels worldwide, allowing hackers to unlock hotel rooms.

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Despite the potential severity of the issue, Accor has not yet issued a public statement regarding the vulnerability in their Ibis Budget kiosks. This lack of transparency has raised concerns among security researchers and potential guests.

Nevertheless, security experts advise travellers using Ibis Budget hotels to be cautious and consider alternative check-in methods if available. Additionally, remaining alert about personal belongings and reporting any suspicious activity to hotel staff is crucial.

The Ibis Budget kiosk vulnerability shows the growing importance of cybersecurity in the hospitality industry. As hotels increasingly rely on technology to streamline operations, ensuring vital security measures are in place is vital to protect guests and maintain trust.

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