Insider hacks Marriott hotel reservation system; slashes rate up to 95%

You may have heard about the Robinhood hacker “Hack Back!” who stole $10,000 in Bitcoins and donated it to a Kurdish Group last year. He claimed he did it for the revolution. Now there’s a guy who did something similar but for vengeance.

An ex-Marriott employee, Juan Rodriguez, got fired in August 2016 and told to stay away from the hotel’s computer systems whatsoever. After a few weeks, Rodriguez decided to take revenge by hacking into the hotel reservation system from his apartment in New York City and reduced rates on more than 3,000 rooms from $159 – $499 per night … to $12 – $59.

Although it is unclear how Rodriguez hacked into the system, but as dumb it may sound Rodriguez knew how to hack into the system but he forgot to hide his IP address which led authorities to track him all the way back to his home. According to TMZ, the feat cost Marriott $50,000, however, Rodriguez has been arrested and is facing three felonies.

This is not the first time when a hacking incident has caused damage to a hotel. Just two months ago, hackers infected the door lock system at a hotel in Austria with ransomware and locked the guests out of their rooms. The hotel then had to pay a hefty ransom to get its key lock system restored.

Listen, people, first of all, don’t be a cyber criminal but if you can’t help yourself at least hide your IP address by using a VPN.

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