Verizon Yearly Study: 2011 was The year of Anonymous

So far 2012 is a tough year for Anonymous with its leader ”Sabu” betrayed them as a government agent and their top most skillful members arrested.  But analyzing Anonymous hacks in last year, it shows that 2011 the year of Anonymous.

Verizon, the well known cooperative giant has released a case study of  series of data gathered  from several government and law enforment agencies, such as Irish Reporting & Information security service, Australian Federal Police, United States Secret Service (USSS). Report revels that  174 million confidential records were breached in 2011 mostly by Anonymous.

A 2.3 Mb PDF study file by Verizon can also be accessed an download from Google Docs



  1. Sabu was the figurehead for lulzSec, an active arm of Anonymous. 

    Anonymous is leaderless, because any1 can do something and claim to be part of Anonymous.
    It’s hive-mined, it’s an amoeba moving in some direction or the other, constantly shifting. it has tendrils branching out in every direction but he core always moves in one direction. a self-sustaining social organism. like the banks for the economical system. 

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