Protect your identity from fraudster with AI-powered Identity Guard

Identity Guard is a comprehensive program that offers you not only identity protection but…

Identity Guard is a comprehensive program that offers you not only identity protection but also the protection of all your online activities.

The rise of the internet has provided everyone with access to information that was once thought impossible before. What was difficult to comprehend in the past has now become a reality. Today, we are able to receive and transmit information much faster.

However, the internet has security risks that many are not able to address on their own no matter how hard they try. In the US alone, millions of people fall victim to fraud as their identities are stolen and fraudulently used to shortchange them or others.

At the same time, privacy advocate companies have developed different applications to protect internet users, and one of the most popular apps in use today is Identity Guard. Read on to find out more about Identity Guard ratings.

What is Identity Guard?

Identity Guard is a comprehensive identity theft protection application that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data to uncover potential weaknesses. This program is designed to alert the user at any point in time should their online identity be at risk.

What makes this program unique is down to the embedded features that act as security triggers in case of identity theft. What is even more amazing about Identity Guard is that it notifies you of potential exposure before a theft occurs. It serves as an effective method to protect you from losing your identity online.

Despite the numerous identity protection programs and applications available online, why should anyone even consider using the Identity Guard? Well, that is what this Identity Guard rating is for. After concluding this article, you will be in the best possible position to decide whether to go for it or not.

What does Identity Guard offer?

When it comes to online technology, your personal information is your most precious asset, and security experts know this. It is for this reason that experts and site administrators do all that they can to protect your identity, so it does not fall into the wrong hands. Identity Guard uses multiple features to achieve the same goal. Here are some of the features you stand to enjoy should you use the program.

  • Timely security alerts against suspicious activity 
  • Quarterly Credit report updates 
  • Credit Cards, Bank accounts, and SSN monitoring 
  • Online Keystroke encryption 
  • Anti-virus Firewall to protect your device from hacking
  • Cash access in case of a lost wallet
  • Insurance cover

The Big Win for Identity Guard Subscribers

We can’t provide a holistic Identity Guard rating without revealing the inherent benefits of utilizing the program for your online identity security. Let’s review some of the benefits of using the application.

  • Total identity protection

This program does not partially but wholly protect your personal information and financial history online. Even if you have more than one bank account or credit card that you use online, you don’t have to worry about any of them falling into the hands of fraudsters. All your financial information is protected so you can use the internet in safety using its innovative digital technology and data encryption.

  • One tool fits all

If you don’t want to waste your resources using multiple data protection tools, you may want to try this one out. Identity Guard is a comprehensive program that offers you not only identity protection but also the protection of all your online activities.

  • First-Class Monitoring Service

Identity Guard monitors the internet for any unauthorized use of your financial information. It may seem impossible at first thought, but the program can pull this off because of its comprehensive tracking features. If your social security number, credit/debit card, or bank account number which you’ve registered is used in any site at any location anywhere in the world, Identity Guard will notify you quickly!

  • Timely Alerts

Getting information about the unauthorized use of your financial details too late will be of no use to you if you lose your money. Identity Guard ratings are largely favorable among reviewers and users because it alerts subscribers immediately once its database notices any suspicious activity.

  • Backed by Insurance 

The developers are also providing users an insurance cover to the tune of one million US dollars in the case of financial loss due to loss emanating from financial theft. If the program fails to provide you the protection it promises, you will be reimbursed to the extent of your loss. What’s more? You will also be provided as much as $2,000 in cash in the advent that online fraudsters steal your wallet.

Final Word

Using this program comes in handy if you want to comfortably monitor your financial information from the comfort of your home, work, or anywhere else. Its unique integrative features make it a must-have program for online protection regardless of whether you are online or offline. You also have the luxury of choosing from three plans namely the 

  • Value Plan($8.99)
  • Total Plan($19.99)
  • Premier Plan($24.99)

Now that you have read our Identity Guard rating, why not invest in your online security using a trusted and tested protection tool that guarantees value for money?

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