iOS 9 will Delete Your Existing Apps to Make Room for Updates

Image Source: Mac Rumors

A MacRumors Forum user has stumbled upon the fact that when installing the iOS 9 (beta version), the operating system will delete your third-party apps as a way of making space for the update.

The revelation came by way of a pop-up that informed the user that deleted apps would be reinstated once the update was complete.

This tricky little maneuver begs the question: What becomes of the data you saved within those apps? One can only hope that Apple will answer this question in due course!

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Image Source: Mac Rumors
Image Source: Mac Rumors

Before we all race off in a panic, the situation may not be as dire as it sounds. Most well designed apps will keep code and data in separate folders, meaning that you may not actually lose your data if an app is deleted. Either way, the iOS 9 update only requires 1.3GB of free space, which is significantly less than the 6GB required by iOS 8 – which is pretty substantial, especially if you own a 16GB iPhone.

One can only assume that this is Apple’s response to the previously slow uptake of iOS 8 which saw customers daunted by its unwieldy size.



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