A bug lets you crash anyone’s iPhone with a text message

Apple iOS mobile operating system’s Message App bug causes its devices iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch to crash and/or reboot. Apple announced that a patch for iOS 8.3 will be released soon.

This week, a bug was identified in Apple iOS mobile operating system that caused all of its devices including the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad to crash and reboot.

The bug attacked the devices through the Messages app, which abruptly crashes and continues to reboot when the respective message is received. The message appears to be containing text content in simple Arabic but it forces the phone to shut down.


A Reddit user aus10_t8um, who firstly identified this problem on a thread, said:

“I just received this message in a group text and it actually turned my phone off. Send that to someone with an iPhone it turns their phone off.”

Moreover, if you search the string “iPhone turn off text” on twitter, you will find various users of iOS devices complaining about the failure they experienced in accessing the Messages app. They also mentioned the line of text that shutdown their iOS device.


In response to this revelation, Apple stated that the company was aware of the problem and vowed to release a patch as soon as possible.

While speaking to WSJ Apple’s spokesperson said: “We are aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of Unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update.”

This means, an 8.3.1 patch will soon be available for the iOS 8.3 operating system.

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