Iran Defence hacked and 2800+ accounts leaked by Le0n B3lm0nt

Iranian based defence forum has been hacked by Le0n B3lm0nt hacker, leaving over 2800 accounts for public on pastebin. is owned by private entity and has nothing to do with Iranian government or official Iranian defence.

Leak was announced by Le0n B3lm0nt via his twitter account:

 Targeted website:

Leaked Data: 

Le0n B3lm0nt also left a message against Anonymous on his twitter account and on pastebin leak.

hacked by Le0n B3lm0nt
#Fuckantisec #fuckAnonymous #Le0nB3lm0nt

Leak contains username, email, and encrypted passwords.

Le0n B3lm0nt is the same hacker who hacked several other websites in past and leaked thousands of data online.



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