Israel Police Establishes a Special Unit To Fight Cyber Crimes

Israel Cops Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino on Thursday declared the development of a 60-person device to deal with online criminal activity that will be financed with support from the Treasury. Discussing at the yearly Worldwide Meeting on Country Protection in Tel Aviv, Danino said that he attended an Interpol conference in the capital a week ago in which online criminal activity was determined as a problem one of the biggest threats to the world.

Danino said that enemy companies and structured legal activity had identical functions. According to his statement, they convert from regional gangs to international gangs, from hierarchal companies into networked companies, and their level of complexity is increasing. Criminal smuggling tracks are used as a foundation for terrorism. This is also the situation in an extremely considerable area, online cybercrime, which is a sensitive characteristic of terrorism.

Jürgen Stock, V. P. of the German Federal Criminal Police department, also addressed the conference. He told the meeting that it is becoming progressively difficult to recognize the criminals of online criminal activity, and cautioned that the increased social media of IT systems can very quickly lead to international outbreaks with tremendous financial impact.

In Germany, strikes on the Internet are performed every two a few moments, according to officials inspecting these attacks. Yet the inspirations for such strikes remain uncertain. For security government bodies to keep speed with online scammers, a combined effort must be made by government and non-governmental stars at a nationwide and worldwide stage. He said that Europol’s new Cyber Criminal Branch would make an effort to fill the holes that you can get at a nationwide stage in many nations, as long as we are concerned about online crime.

Moreover, on this Monday, Jerusalem Project Associates declared that it will make Israel’s first-ever personal online protection incubator as aspect of the primary scientist’s incubator system. JVP will identify the incubator in Beersheba in collaboration with Ben-Gurion School of the Negev’s technological innovation exchange organization. JVP chair and founder Erel Margalit, said that the effort comes in the awake of improving online risks and providing protection from attacks on crucial online infrastructure in Israel and around the world. He is a favorite in the Labor Party primaries before Jan elections.

Israel’s authority in the area of online protection is an ideal resource for the world, and we can make use of it not only for protection requirements, but financially and culturally as well. Developing the Beersheba incubator together with a public incubator and other public locations can make public and social change along with creating a million new jobs.


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