Sultry Sextortion Sisters Meet Their Match In Nigerian Oil Billionaire

Nigerian news website Politics Nigeria has reported that two Indian sisters hailing from Toronto, Canada have been detained in Lagos, Nigeria, for their alleged involvement in cyber-bullying and extortion of a Nigerian billionaire along with 274 others.

The sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have quite a heavy following on Instagram; when combined the cumulative total of the number of followers of both sisters is roughly 50,000. Through their overwhelming following on social media, they were able to pull off a crime of this nature easily.

According to the information revealed by court documents, the accused were currently blackmailing a Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola. Matharoo sisters told Otedola that they had proof that he was cheating on his wife and if he failed to give in to their demands, they will be posting the evidence on an infamous sex scandal website, which would not only tarnish his public image but will affect his business and personal life too.

Jyoti Matharoo and Kiran Matharoo in the court. Image Source: Politics Nigeria

It must be noted that Otedola is an internationally known business tycoon whose net worth is nearly 1.8 billion USD and was listed in the Forbes’ list of 2016 top billionaires. Otedola has business in the energy sector. He hired private investigators for countering the issue and exposing the girls as a result of which the sisters were arrested.

The court document also reveals that the sisters are accused of cyber-bullying over 274 people most of whom are based in “various regions of Africa” through their numerous Instagram and Twitter accounts and their website NaijaGistLive. A Toronto home address was entered in the document and it has been confirmed by Global Affairs Canada that consular services will be offered to the two sisters detained in Lagos since they happen to be Canadian citizens.

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo with a Nigerian man. Source: Jyoti’s Instagram

After the sisters were exposed, they decided to block users from commenting on their Instagram pictures since hundreds of users started abusing the duo. However, we at HackRead were quick to grab a screenshot before the sister could disable their comment section.

Source: Jyoti’s Instagram

Update: Global News Canada now reports that both Toronto sisters in Nigeria have been released on bail.

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