Key Features Of Threat Intelligence Platforms

Key Features Of Threat Intelligence Platforms

Threat intelligence platforms (TIP) keep the company updated about new potential threats and attacks. Let’s dig deeper into what else TIPs offer.

In recent times, incidents related to cybersecurity threats have increased exponentially, leaving even the most robust organizational networks vulnerable. To combat these problems, companies all over the world are resorting to employing TIP, which is short for Threat Intelligence Platform. 

A threat intelligence platform is an alert mechanism that helps understand possible threats and cyber-attacks, helps identify the root cause, and helps to carry out a proper investigation. TIP also provides solutions to reported problems by collecting information from various sources and analyzing them. The need for TIP for companies has increased manifold because the count and style of cyber threats keep evolving with each passing year.

A threat intelligence platform is essential for tracking the broader contexts of security threats and attacks. It can also help teams involved in Improving Cyber threat Intelligence Platforms by facilitating better reporting to incident response teams, and security and risk management teams. But it is important to check that the platform comes with the most vital features for comprehensive threat analysis.

It is crucial to invest in a threat intelligence platform that can help –

Analyze the info & eradicate the issue:

As mentioned earlier, threat intelligence platforms analyze data gathered from numerous sources. They put these data to work and arrive at a meaningful conclusion per the EC-Council. In this way, companies can mitigate the risk factors revolving around their systems, helps in improving cyber security intelligence platforms, and makes their organization more secure.

The threat intelligence platforms keep the company updated about new potential threats and attacks. This information can develop defensive measures to sidestep future attacks on the organization. 

Provide information about Dark Web:

The threat intelligence platforms are highly efficient in proving visibility into the Dark web. TIP analyses the contents and check whether the ID of any employee or user of the organization is available on the Dark Web for sale.

It is impossible to wipe out any data stored on the Dark Web. Therefore, in case of any threat, you will be asked to change your password and username at the earliest. Depending on the type and volume of data misused by the Dark Web, you might need to contact respective officials. 

Manage potential risks associated with 3rd-party users:

In the past 2 years, most companies have expanded their number of third-party vendors. The domain health, website layout, and security deportment require intense monitoring. From the frame of reference of vulnerability management, it should be mandatory for the third-party vendors to know about the tool and services utilized by the customers. This helps in tracking information related to potent threats and attacks more easily. 

Provide better consolidation for smaller customers:

In the past, threat intelligence platforms were only used by larger enterprises. Improving intuitive interference and computerized services makes these platforms more accessible for smaller organizations with limited cyber analysis resources. This helps in the better and faster development of small business infrastructure. 

Provide important information to the customer:

Threat intelligence platforms provide accurate and spot-on information to the customers by integrating information from different sources and probing the Dark Web for data related to their employees or organization. TIP uses specific methods for specific threats. This way, the data collection, and analysis are quicker and reduce the risk of false information.

The majority of the businesses are hoping to progress from indicator-dependent communication to wide-range dialogue on all sides of techniques used by the opponents. The improvement in security tools would make communication between the customers and products more powerful. 

Systematic way of gathering third-party data:

Threat intelligence platforms have a standardized method for collecting third-party data. This is done by automating the communication service, and this makes the threat intelligence easily accessible. The threat intelligence gathers information from a more general perspective, enabling customers to know more about existing and arising threats

Easy access to information

Threat intelligence platform provides every data in a single tab. There is no need for the customers to move from one tab to another; everything consolidates improved accountability. 

Threat intelligence reporting can be highly expensive, difficult to comprehend and interpret. This makes it even tougher to know what changes and measures a company needs to undertake. It is thus vital to invest in a threat intelligence platform that offers these basic yet vital features for maximum safety and benefits.

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