Maze Ransomware operators hack LG Electronics stealing critical data

The infamous Maze Ransomware operators have also leaked sample data.

The infamous Maze Ransomware operators have also leaked sample data for proof.

In the cybersecurity world, we come across a range of ransomware over time. Some are new players while some happen to be long-established ones with a consistent history of attacks. One example of the latter is Maze ransomware operator who has once again done its part by claiming to have attacked South Korean tech giant LG Electronics.

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Maze ransomware operators stated that they have encrypted and gained access to the proprietary data of LG which relates to US-based companies. This can present serious implications for LG, especially as US technological firms face mounting pressure in competition with China.

Screenshot of a press release from Maze Ransomware operators

As proof for the hack, 3 screenshots have been released by the attackers:

1. The first one appears to be comprised of the firmware or software updates that LG releases for its hardware products deduced from the fact that a file with the KDZ extension can be seen which is the format used by LG for such developments.

Furthermore, as seen, all files have “ATT_US” present within their names which hints that these may be for AT&T.

2. The second one showcases Python files that the hackers have said amount to a repository worth 40 GB developed by the firm for companies in the US.

3. The third one appears to be a code excerpt from a file named “” and although the details are not clear, the description of the file is given along with a censored email address showing that it is related to email forwarding.

To conclude, the depth of what exactly has been leaked and how it happened is unclear but the incident should be enough to make LG fret internally and start working in mitigation mode.

As we receive more information on the issue, we’ll continue updating our readers here on the suitable precautions they can take.

Previous Hacks by Maze Ransomware

It is worth noting that Maze ransomware operators have been targeting companies of all sorts for a while now. Here are some of their noteworthy attacks:

  1. Oil Giant Berkine Hacked
  2. Oil Giant Berkine Hacked
  3. Nuclear Contractor Westech Attacked
  4. Top US Aerospace company breached

Nevertheless, this is not the first time when LG Electronics have been hit by ransomware. The tech giant was one of the victims of WannaCry ransomware in 2017.

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