Meet 18-Year-Old Who hasn’t Left Home Since 2008 Due to Internet Addiction

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We all have heard about drug addiction and its aftermath but ever wondered what happens when internet use takes over your life? 

Housewife Flavia Coutinho asks to help her child who is an internet addict. He is 18 years old and do not want to be identified. For over five years, the young man hides behind a computer screen, where he found refuge from the problems that began in childhood, at school, when he was the victim of bullying. The boy never leaves home in the center of Vitoria, Espirito Santo. Brazil.

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The mother tells that the boy suffers a lot, he is underweight, doesn’t eat, sleep or care about himself.

  • He suffered much bullying at school and was called Mongolian. They said he was ugly and had a lot of spine. Put it down. In fact, he has learning disabilities and speech impediment. In the virtual world, he found someone who does not criticize him. My son has gained an identity,” she said.

Given the mistreatment of colleagues, the young left school in the sixth grade and became isolated. Today, he spends the whole day in a virtual world, surrounded by games and fantasies. But he says he wants help and get out of this life.

  • Here, I have friends but I’m better in real life, I Wanted to have a social life and get out of this dark world,” said the young man addicted to internet.

In 2013, the problem of the young became more severe. The doctors diagnosed that he has panic attacks and now afraid to leave the house in order to avoid being a victim of persecution. He fears that he will be bullied once again.

  • I want him to have a social life and be like other kids of his age,” says the mother.


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