Metropolitan Police Department to give Cybercrime Lessons

Metropolitan Police Department is planning to setup cybercrime classes for investigators at a local police station to avoid any kind of wrong arrest and misunderstanding. 

***The classes are planned to avoid unusual circumstances like last year when four innocent men were arrested for spreading virus, later it was discovered that their computers were hacked and used as zombies to conduct criminal activities by someone else. 

Department claims that all lectures will be up to date and given by highly skilled IT professional trained at MPD.

In December 2012, police had arrested four men focusing on the IP addresses during investigation and not going out of the box, while the real hackers were thinking way out of the box. To avoid such situation again, we have decided to provide proper and updated education to our investigators, Report said.

Lectures at MPD will include an in depth knowledge of how internet protocols work, how computers can be accessed remotely and how wireless LAN is hacked.

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