Microsoft Outlook Users Hit with ‘Discontinue Support’ Phishing Scam

‘Discontinue Support’—Latest Phishing Scam Targeting Microsoft Outlook Users.

An email is being circulated by cybercriminals that appears to be sent by team informing users that on 11th May 2015, MS Outlook will be discontinuing “support on your account and security.” The message is nothing else but another crude phishing attempt.

The email warns users that if they don’t update their account before 11th May 2015, they won’t be able to send and receive or read emails. They also will be prohibited from accessing their account and salient features of MS Outlook.

Further, the email compels users to click on an “Update your Account” URL to resolve the issue.

Evidently, the email hasn’t been sent by Outlook Team and not even by any member of the Microsoft team.

The actual senders of the email are cybercrooks and it is just another phishing scam devised to deceive innocent users and obtaining their Microsoft Account Login credentials. By clicking on that link, you will be redirected to a fake website that looks just like the real Outlook login page.

When you enter your Microsoft account details, you will automatically be taken to the real Microsoft website. The purpose of this scam is obvious; hackers need your login credentials for hijacking your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Account is the new name of what we previously knew as the Windows Live ID.

By obtaining a single set of MS Login credentials, cybercriminals can access numerous Microsoft services. Therefore, your account login info is valuable data for scammers, reports Hoax-Slayer.

The Account Update to avoid Blocking or Suspension has become a rather common scammer tactic.

Example email: 


Thus, you must never click on any link or open any attachments if you receive any such email. We recommend that you login to your accounts by manually entering the web address into the browser’s address bar or through the official app.

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