Mitt Romney’s private email possibly hacked


American presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s has said that his private email address has been possibly hacked. Cyber extperts have now started an investigation when it was realized that Romney’s Hotmail account was signed in from an unknown location by answering a simple security question.

In a report by FoxNews, Romney’s personal email [email protected] was signed in by hacker and communicated with the staff of his campaign. 

Later, it was reported that Romney’s email was hacked and signed in by Anonymous hacker by simply answering to a security question about one of Romney’s pets.

According to the hacker “I hacked in after finding the answer to the security question, ‘What is your favorite pet?'”  FoxNews reported.

However the hacker has also denied any link with International hacking group ” Anonymous”, “This is all I have gotten into. I have nothing to do with Anonymous and have never done anything like this before,” hacker added.

The hacker also changed password and security question of Romney’s email while Gail Gitcho, the campaign’s communication director said that “The proper authorities are investigating this crime and we will have no further comment on it,”. 

We just did some research and found out that Romney’s email [email protected], also has a facebook account by the name of  Tim Yenmor. God knows who is Tim Tenmor

This is not the first time when American presidential candidate’s account is owned by hackers, remember 4Chan hackers got into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! account, releasing a few  photos, contact list and private emails?.

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