Mom Shames 13-year-old Daughter for acting slutty on Facebook

Denver mom Val Starks becomes enraged and publicly humiliates daughter on Facebook for posing as 19 and posting indecent pictures — Video has more than 10 million views.

A Denver mother’s video on Facebook has become a viral rage after she scolded her 13-year-old daughter for posting lewd pictures and claiming her age was 19.

Valerie Starks, the mother snarled at the girl in a homemade video, demanding an explanation for her inappropriate actions, she said why on earth is she claiming to be 19 on Facebook and posting racy pictures, wearing only her undergarments, the embarrassed red faced girl had no answer to that she only blurts out a regretful “No”.

The angry mother then presses her further and she was moved to tears when she asked her why is she posing on Facebook with pictures clad only in bra and panty, that stuff don’t even belong to her, they were not aged appropriately at all for her.

Watch the video below: 

She was stunned to see her daughters Facebook profile filled with nasty images in skimpy clothes and had older men in her friends list and said she had issues with Facebook multiple times in the past, she faced penalties before in the same account and those were nothing as compared to this.

Starks said she explained her reasons for posting the video which was viewed more than 10 million times, as its intent was not to embarrass her but to reform her cause she loves her daughter dearly. Starks emphasized that her purpose was to set an example, of what is acceptable behavior and what’s not.

Most of the people on Facebook had positive comments and supported Stark’s stance while, some others criticized her style of parenting and called it “humiliating”. Stark’s remarked she was happy that the video sparked off a debate as she only wanted to draw people’s attention to this cause.

As for her daughter, she says she has learned her lesson well and is calm about it and none of her friends are bullying her, she will be more cautious in future and will think twice before posting anything unsupervised on Facebook. The video that lasts almost 5 minutes also includes a special message for the adult males, which says that her daughter is just a kid of 13 and she will remain one, she will have to follow her mum’s rules as long as she is living in her house.

Starks posted a second video on Monday thanking the people who supported her. She said she was overwhelmed by the love and support extended to her and added she has made around 5000 friends on Facebook and has now reached her maximum limit for accepting friend requests. She further emphasized upon parents to be aware of their children’s whereabouts and not to blindly trust their kids over anything they tell them as they could be lying and making up stories.

Watch the second video below: 

This video has been deleted by the mom after criticism

She said she once believed her daughter won’t dare do such a thing but now knows that anything can happen to any parent at any given time so it is better to stay in the know about your kids’ activities on social media specifically.

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