Neo Nazi site DailyStormer moves to dark web that’s as good as dead

On August 14th it was reported that Internet domain registrar and web hosting giant GoDaddy banned the racist and neo-nazi website Daily Stormer from its platform after receiving tons of complaints aimed at the site’s content supporting white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr who killed Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old resident of Charlottesville, Virginia during the Unite the Right rally.

The very next day, after GoDaddy, the search engine giant Google canceled the domain registration for Daily Stormer while Twitter suspended its account. It was like the site had no place on the regular Internet, so it moved to a Russian domain (.ru). However, now the Russian domain name is also down, and it turns out the site admin has moved the domain to a .onion link.

A .onion link can only be accessed through Tor browser, a free software for enabling anonymous communication which is as good as being dead since most Internet users are unaware of the way Tor works. Also, users are reluctant to visit Dark Web sites after authorities busted Dark Web marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa.

A few hours ago, the dark web domain of Daily Stormer was displaying its usual content along with articles. However, at the time of publishing this article, the site was showing a message claiming that the .ru domain is online on the regular Internet; however should that domain go offline, the dark web domain will be an alternative.

“If we go down, we will serve the domain from, here again, when we are up, we’ll tell you the working URL here.”

Daily Stormer’s dark web domain

Daily Stormer is not the only platform suffering the aftermath of whatever happened during Unite the Right rally. Discord, a freeware chat application available for PC and mobile platforms has also shut down its Alt-Right server after Charlottesville protests. 

In a Tweet, Discord said that “Discord’s mission is to bring people together around gaming. We will continue to take action against white supremacy, Nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.”

Remember, Airbnb, PayPal, GoFundMe, YouCaring,  and Patreon have already closed their doors for alt-right–associated users and causes. 

At the time of publishing this article, the .ru domain of DailyStormer was offline.

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