No, Anonymous is not supporting Bernie Sanders or anyone else

An online blog falsely claiming to represent Anonymous has announced its support for presidential candidate Mr. Bernie Sanders — In reply Anonymous hacktivists have denied any support for any presidential candidate.

AnonHQ blog claims to be the official voice of the online hacktivist group Anonymous however the reality is far from the truth — The blog has no affiliation with Anonymous, it is rather a click-baiting blog posting conspiracy theory and a bunch of copy paste articles from all over the Internet. The main motive is to earn some bucks in the name of Anonymous.

The reason for giving a background was to highlight a recent article published on the blog claiming that the whole Anonymous movement endorsed American senator and the presidential candidate Mr. Bernie Sanders.

The article provides 10 reasons that should convince people to vote for Mr. Sanders. However, the article had a backlash from Anonymous hacktivists who actually care about the movement and serve their time online to conduct operations against injustice such as OpISIS, OpSafeWinter and OpBayKilling.

Screenshot from the so-called Anonymous blog

@YourAnonNews is one of the largest Twitter account representing Anonymous on Twitter (not officially, Anonymous has no official account) who Tweeted earlier this morning that “FYI: Anonymous endorses no one for president.”

Another Anonymous Twitter account with a known following also denied supporting Sanders or any other presidential candidate for this matter.

The GroupAnon is another twitter account with a huge following and they too have also denied supporting Sanders.

These two tweets are enough to shut down the click bait blogs claiming to be the official voice of the Anonymous movement.

Reaction from the readers and fans supporting Anonymous:

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